ASEVA has a regular need for storage capacity in Belgium, but equally in the neighbouring EU Member states.

In order to store additional stocks or to replace storage contracts that come to an end, ASEVA regularly seeks for storage capacity for oil products and crude oil. This in storage facilities that meet certain criteria and are located in sea ports or along waterways in Belgium and the neighbouring EU countries.

Are you interested to offer storage capacity to ASEVA? Make sure that you send in timely your tender for the new Framework agreement for storage of Energy products that you find below. If your tender is accepted by ASEVA, you will receive our future calls for tenders for storage capacity

Documents for storage

Documents for the tender for participation in the framework agreement. Deadline: 15/3/2024, 12 o’clock

Explanatory note

The specifications of the framework agreement for storage ASEVA/2024/1 (pdf)

The participation letter (Word)

The Plan of Approach (Word)

The ESPD-document in html

The ESPD-document in pdf

Contractual clauses

ASEVA General terms and Conditions for Storage 1/2024