Purchase of security stocks

ASEVA buys on a regular basis crude oil or oil products. These need to be delivered by our suppliers in the storage facilities that ASEVA rents in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. Would you like to become a supplier of ASEVA? Send in your candidacy. When your company meets the selection and exclusion criteria, it is accepted to the shortlist for selected suppliers of crude oil and oil products. You then receive all future calls for tenders that the agency launches under the framework agreement. Below you will find the needed documents.

Sale of security stocks

ASEVA can, in normal market conditions, sell the compulsory stocks that it manages in the context of a product replacement, when a storage contract comes to an end or when its stockholding obligation decreases. The sales take place after a call for bids, whereby the highest bidder gets the contract awarded.

Would you like to recieve ASEVA’s call for bids for the sales of finished oil products and crude oil? Then contact us. The sales take place in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for sales of ASEVA which are available below.

Documents for Purchase and sale

Contractual clauses

Specifications of the framework agreement Purchase

All information on the composition of a candidacy file, assessment of these files, tenders, etc.


ASEVA General Terms & Conditions for purchase

The ASEVA General Terms and Conditions for purchase, version 2017.


Shortlist purchase

The list of selected Suppliers.


Documents for candidacy file

Candidacy letter purchase

Candidacy letter for purchase.


Documents for sales

GT&Cs for sales

The APETRA General Terms and Conditions for sales.