Managing Energy, Minimizing Risk


The law of 21 December 2023 transforms APETRA into ASEVA.
ASEVA continues to manage the security oil stocks, but may, subject to a decision by the federal government, manage other energy reserves in the future.
Our financial situation, shareholding, corporate data, bank accounts and modus operandi remain unchanged.
For more info: see About Us and financial information.


The new framework agreement for storage of energy products has been published. Companies that are interested to store and manage energy products (in a first phase oil products) for account of ASEVA in the coming years need to send in a tender for the first phase of this framework agreement latest on Friday 15th March 2024, 12 o’clock by means of the e-Procurement platform. This is a closed procedure: if you have not entered a valid tender before the deadline, you will not receive calls for tender for individual storage contracts in the coming years! For more information, the specifications and the documents to submit: see: storage

About us

ASEVA, a public limited company with the federal State as sole shareholder, manages the Belgian security oil stocks. The amount to stocks that at minimum needs to be held is based upon the net imports of crude oil and oil products into Belgium in the previous year.

Subject to a decision by the federal government, ASEVA will in future also be able to manage additional energy stocks other than those stipulated in EU Directive 2009/119/EC.

ASEVA’s management tasks focus on three pillars:

  1. stock management
  2. crisis management
  3. energy transition

ASEVA’s functioning and the management of the oil security stocks are funded by means of a contribution payable on major oil products put into consumption.

ASEVA’s board of directors consist of representatives from the government and the oil (storage) sector. The daily management is undertaken by a limited staff.

Our tasks

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Stock Management

More information about the Belgian strategic reserves, the national Stock Obligation and the managed stocks owned by ASEVA

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Crisis management

The general principles, frequently asked questions and their answers and legislation concerning oil crisis management.

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Energy Transition

The energy transition is in full swing. What are the major international and national policies? With oil consumption set to inevitably decline: what are ASEVA’s tasks?

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Operational partners

For recurring activities with the oil and storage sector ASEVA operates by means of framework agreements. Here you will also find all information on our other activities and procurement procedures.

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Financial Information

How much is the contribution, on what products is it applicable and who pays?

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All guidelines and obligations regarding general legislation, international and national legislation concerning crisis and stock management.

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